Consulting & Workshops

I give you the know-how and tools you need to use the internet systematically and sustainably for your individual needs. Empowering you is my goal. Take advantage of my expertise and let me show you how to navigate through the digital world with ease.

The first workshop series focuses on the branding and marketing possibilities of Social Media. The second workshop series covers the more technical aspects of SEO and Content Marketing. If you only need specific topics covered, please ask for customized workshops or individual consulting.

Branding & Marketing Workshops

  • Social Media Basics: Get a basic understanding of the Social Media dynamics.
  • Social Media Marketing: How to integrate Social Media into your Business Strategy.
  • Social Branding: How to create a Social Brand for yourself and your company.
  • Social Selling: How to approach the right people at the right time in Social.

UX, SEO & Content Marketing Workshops

  • SEO Basics: Dive into the mysterious and steeped in legend world of search engine optimization.
  • Keyword Strategy: Pick the right keywords to become high-ranked on Google and to drive traffic into leads.
  • Content SEO: Unlock the full potential of SEO and Content Marketing for better ranking and conversion rates.
  • UX & CRO: How to build landingpages with appealing CTAs to optimize your funnel.