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Mobile SEO: Ranking #1 is 3x more valuable than position #2

Till Zier » Mobile SEO: Ranking #1 is 3x more valuable than position #2

Ryan Heuser from the SEO agency seoClarity analyzed the differences between CTRs on mobile and desktop devices. This impressive study is one of its kind compared to the sheer amount of data and so far the only one on mobile CTR, too.

What did seoClarity do? They took over 2 billion impressions with over 2.68 million clicks on over 2.2 million unique keywords from their Google Webmaster Tools data to extract significant insights.

The results stunned me. Everybody knows the emerging importance of mobile, but I would have never thought that there is such a huge difference between desktop and mobile devices. Have a look at the charts below to see what I mean. You can read the full study here, too.

Chart: CTR desktop


Chart: CTR mobile


What does this mean for your SEO?

  • First, ranking on position 1 is key and with mobile traffic increasing every year, will become more and more crucial for your CTR.
  • Second, you should choose your keywords wisely and maybe consider to shift your focus to long tail keywords with less competition to get a higher ranking.