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Slack’s valuation measured per user is ridiculous

Till Zier » Slack's valuation measured per user is ridiculous

Slack is the fastest-growing corporate messaging app right now and with a valuation of whopping $2.8 billion a legit member of the elite Unicorn Club.

Quartz columnist Alice Truong broke down this valuation on a per user basis and figured out that each of Slack’s users is worth $2,545. No other tech company has such a high per user valuation. LinkedIn is the runner-up but far behind with a valuation of $282 per user. For further details click here.

To get a job at Facebook you need to answer these tough interview questions

Till Zier » To get a job at Facebook you need to answer these tough interview questions

Maya Kosoff from Business Insider UK has compiled a top list of the most difficult interview questions recent candidates had to answer to get a job at Facebook.

Besides some really tough discipline-specific questions there are quite a few smart and creative ones. Have a look at the entire 29 questions here.

I would’ve been keen on the answers to these questions:

“I was asked what I was least proud of on my resume.”
– Media Solutions Specialist candidate –

“If you were an animal what kind would you be and why?”
– User Operations Analyst candidate –

“How would you design a simpler TV remote control?”
– Product Designer candidate –

“If you were going to redesign an ATM machine, how would you do it?”
– Product Designer candidate –

“How would you build Facebook for blind people?”
– Product Manager candidate –

“Should Facebook continue to add features or rely on 3rd party apps?”
– Product Designer candidate –



Eric Schmidt tells his inside story about his years as Google CEO

Till Zier » Eric Schmidt tells his inside story about his years as Google CEO

In an entertaining talk at Stanford University, Eric Schmidt gave an in-depth look behind the scenes of his term of office at Google. Besides funny anecdotes about mere chance, technical and organizational obstacles, HR strategies and Google’s future as Alphabet he tells several more details about his legacy and the history of one of the most influential companies in our digital age.

Chris Yeah was so kind to write down a summary of the interview. These paragraphs caught my attention:

“Great products happen when people build a product for themselves.”

“In all my issues at Google, I knew I had no idea what to do, but I knew that I had the best team ever assembled to figure out what to do.”

“The people that you hire make your culture. We’d hire people who were special in some way.”

“So we came up with a new rule — if someone is really, really smart, hire them anyway.”

“We never stop hiring engineers; properly deployed, they can always generate enormous returns above their salary.”


You can watch the full 1h 22min interview on YouTube: